What's the problem?

Makeup lovers constantly struggle to find accurate representations of lipsticks applied to the lips when shopping for products both in person and online. This causes them to end up buying products that don’t meet their expectations.


This pair of photos shows the exact same lipstick- on the left, as it is advertised by its manufacturer, and on the right, as it actually appears on our co-founder (left image taken from kyliecosmetics.com).

Buying lipstick can be risky, but it shouldn't be.

Lack of diversity, unrealistic standards of beauty, and sponsored content make navigating retail sites and social media platforms complicated, overwhelming, and confusing. Makeup lovers should be able to reference lipstick swatches without the distractions of filters and Photoshop so that they can confidently make their purchasing decisions.


With swatchcandy, there's no second guessing.

When a user downloads the swatchcandy iOS app, they can enter their foundation shade so that the app identifies their skin tone. When the user searches for a lipstick in the app, they can see lipstick swatches on real people in order of relevance to their skin tone, ordered by our proprietary tone matching algorithm. All lipstick swatches in swatchcandy’s database are color-corrected and minimally edited to show an accurate representation of how the product would appear on their lips.


Check out our accomplishments!

In August 2019, we were invited to pitch to over 800 investors, entrepreneurs, and students after completing CREATE-X Startup Launch, a rigorous student-focused startup incubator at Georgia Tech. In September 2019, we were featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle as some of the top young innovators in Atlanta’s tech industry.

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