By lipstick lovers,

for lipstick lovers​.

swatchcandy photographs diverse, authentic lip swatches of your brand's lip products to help shoppers visualize how great your lip products will look on their complexion. With our photography services and skin tone matching technology, we’ll drive new customers to your brand and keep existing customers coming back.

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What's the problem?

Finding accurate representations of lip products on a complexion like yours on retail sites, social media channels, and even beauty storefronts is far too difficult if not impossible.

Swatch of lipstick shade “Boy Bye” from

Swatch of the same lipstick shade on our co-founder

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Buying lipstick shouldn't be risky.

Makeup lovers should be able to reference lip swatches photos that they trust when they shop, no matter their skin tone, lip shape, or skin type.

What did we do?

We've created the world’s most diverse database of lip swatches and integrated it with our proprietary skin tone matching algorithm to help makeup lovers of all complexions shop smarter for lipstick.

Our photos and technology will keep you from second-guessing your next lipstick haul.

Top Match!

72% Tone Match

Lighter with a warmer undertone

58% Tone Match

Darker with a cooler undertone

No digital overlays
No sponsored content
No unrealistic
beauty standards
Standardized lighting
Skin tone and undertone analysis
All complexions

Direction & videography by Sanaa Agency

Makeup by Maddy Martignetti

Styling by Julianna Toney

Song "Secret" by MONA

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