woman applying lipstick
Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in shade Boy Bye

Shoppers have trouble finding accurate representations of how lip products really look, making them less likely to buy new colors online.


Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in shade Boy Bye

Virtual Try-On magic.

Our dedication to creating inclusive technology allows you to have the most accurate virtual try-on filter in the market. See how our representation of the same lip gloss color compares with that of the leading competitor used by major beauty brands. 

Augmented reality lip gloss filter

Realistic skin texture
True complexion
Accurate for all skin tones


Woman wearing Fenty Beauty gloss bomb color drip lip cream in shade honey waffles

Photo of the lip product in real life

Perfect Corp, YouCam virtual try on filter

Unrealistic skin texture
Lightened complexion
Inaccurate lip color representation


All-in-one swatch packages.

Avoid having to navigate working with multiple influencers, coordinating an expensive studio photo production, or paying an agency to digitally replicate lip colors on stock photos. All you have to do is send us your products and pick your models, and we'll deliver you a folder of polished, high resolution swatch photos. 

Grid of swatches on diverse complexions

Over 12 unique skin tones
Authentic product application
Professional quality retouching


grid of lip swatch photos

One skin tone
Oversaturated product colors
Unrealistic skin texture


Grid of lipstick swatches by Dose Of Colors

Media Agency
Limited skin tones
Digitalized product colors
Unrealistic skin texture