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Join us at the forefront of inclusivity

And learn why AI is critical to your business

We help you earn your customers' trust

70% of shoppers find that there’s a lack of trustworthy resources available online when browsing for beauty products. This leads to consumers being disappointed when they try on products that were falsely advertised, or not at all represented on people that look like them.

Racial biases in beauty are very real both in person and online. Become a leader in changing this narrative and drive people to your brand for comfort.

65% think stores fail to deliver an equally-distributed assortment of products catering to different shoppers’ tastes and preferences.

78% don’t believe there is representation in brands or companies that are owned by and made for people of color.

"My biggest blocker with following through on purchases is not knowing if the color will look good on me"

Why AI? and why swatchcandy?

In the beauty industry, tech solutions often prioritize AR over AI, relying on lighter skin tones for their data sets, accumulating inaccuracies in visualization. Additionally, marketing efforts keep failing to address inclusivity. GenAI stands out in using AI to rectify these issues, boosting customer retention and sales. Leveraging the latest advances in technology, Generative AI adapts to diverse skin tones, outperforming AR limitations and ushering the beauty industry into a truly inclusive era.

Current solutions use color overlays and transparency layers to simply place colors on top of photos, all while applying additional skin lightening and smoothing effects to the original photo. However, swatchcandy does not manipulate the skin color or texture of the photo, and blends colors into the user’s unique skin tone instead of placing a solid color over the lips.

Because we use the industry’s most inclusive data set, swatchcandy is the best and only solution for fully addressing clear biases and gaps in the online makeup shopping experience.

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