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Beauty without Bias

GenAI lipstick styling with diversity at its core

Skin tones you can represent in the same budget with...

Inclusivity Meets Efficiency

In order to increase sales and decrease returns and waste, modern makeup brands must take on the social responsibility of ensuring that inclusivity isn't an afterthought, but an intrinsic aspect of their brand.

swatchcandy is a high-impact, low-cost, and low-risk solution that integrates seamlessly with your customer journey and can lead to a 10-20% increase in ROI.

Seamless Integration

swatchandy is an easy to install integration for your website that allows your shoppers to upload an image of themselves to your product page in order to see the real life application of your product on them.

Shoppers are easily able to switch between shades and read through product information simultaneously, so that they can have an accurate understanding of how each product color blends with their skin tone, aligning expectations of your products, and increasing your conversion rates.

lipstick virtual try-on
AI lipstick generator

Accuracy is Key

By leveraging a vast dataset that includes a wide range of skin tones, our technology not only outperforms current solutions on all skin tones, but also eliminates bias and addresses the challenge faced by many people of color when shopping for makeup. The result is an accurate, adaptive solution that increases buyer confidence in your products.

1. Provide your color info

All you have to do is give us the hex values of your lipsticks. Leave the rest to us!

2. Plug in our extension

We’ll help you seamlessly integrate swatchcandy into your website.

3. Watch your sales grow!

Businesses employing AI in e-commerce report increases in sales conversions, content production efficiency, and overall shopper satisfaction.

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lipstick try on integration
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