Be an early adopter.

swatchcandy helps potential customers visualize how great your lip products will look on their skin tone. With our authentic, diverse lipstick swatches and skin tone matching technology, we’ll drive users to your brand.

Engage in a wider audience.

Our user base helps you capture the attention of potential customers who aren't already familiar with your products. 

Reduce your online return rates.

Consumers are more likely to buy makeup after seeing it applied on skin, and with just one click in our app, they are redirected to your site where they can confidently make a purchase.

Boost customer satisfaction

and loyalty.

Our swatches align expectations with reality so that customers are happy with their purchases once they receive them, giving you fewer returns and better reviews.

Support authenticity and diversity.

We believe that our technology can change the beauty industry for the better, but the success of our app depends on the number of product swatches in our database. Become an early adopter of swatchcandy and help us show that better representation equals better business.


How it Works

1 Products. Mail us each shade in your most popular lip product collection. We'll recruit the models, have them swatch your products, and take the photographs. Other than shipping and product costs, you won’t spend a dime.


2 Database. Once we've standardized and color corrected the swatch photos, we'll upload them to our database along with all relevant product information and model skin tone data. We’ll also send you a preview of the swatches because they’re just too pretty not to share.


3 App. Now that the swatches are in our database, swatchcandy users can search up your products and see how they look on skin tones just like their own. If you’re a silver or platinum partner, we’ll earn 15% commission on sales via clicks through our site in exchange for listing you as a “top brand” on our app’s home page.

4 Your Site. If you're a platinum partner, we'll send you the finalized swatch images for use on your website and social media.

Basic Partnership

Have swatches of your products on our app

Be a featured brand on our app's home page 

Silver Partnership

License our swatches for your website and social media

Platinum Partnership

Ask us about partnership.
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